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Stony Acres
Stony Acres Buffalo/Scottish Highlander farm started in 1996. Beginning with three buffalo, we slowly grew, and we now own 15.  With several problems along the way, including the death of three of our breeding heifers while giving birth, we are happy with the 15 buffalo we have raise. In the future we hope to own as many as 20 to 25 buffalo.

In 2000, we decided that raising Scottish Highlander Cattle would be a nice addition to our farm. We now own 23...I think (they just keep multiplying).


In the spring of 2001, we had some problems with two of our buffalo heifers while they were giving birth. Both heifers died, and only one of the calves survived. We decided to raise this orphaned calf ourselves. Naming him Nutmeg, he soon became part of the family. Thinking he was a dog, Nutmeg would follow us, and the tractor everywhere. He would be known to lie around a campfire, "help" in the garage, and he even came into the house a few times.

As he got older, he also got larger. He eventually got so big that we had to pen him up. Nutmeg hated it, and for around six months he would pace up and down the fence line, begging to get out. Eventually, however, he learned he was a buffalo, and went out with the rest of the buffalo. They accepted him, and he is now part of the herd.

Even though he now weighs over one ton, Nutmeg is still relatively “tame” for a buffalo. Dale can still walk up to him (cautiously) and pet him. Eventually we hope to use Nutmeg as our herd buffalo, but for now he is content being a member of the herd.



Updated 01/22/06