Nutrition and General Information about Buffalo and Highlanders
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Information About the Buffalo

Buffalo meat is...

  • very sweet, tender and flavorful
  • less in fat and cholesterol than chicken
  • high in CLA which deters cancer
  • has a good Omega-3/6 fatty acids ratio
  • very high in protein
  • an excellent source for vitamins, especially iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, B12 and selenium
  • low in sodium
  • recommended for people with heart conditions, diabetes or trying to lose weight.

Nutrition Facts





Saturated Fat




2.42 g

143 kcal

82 mg

0.91 g

28.44 g

3.42 mg

Beef 90% lean

11.73 g

217 kcal

85 mg

4.63 g

26.11 g

2.71 mg


18.19 g

265 kcal

105 mg

5.15 g

23.55 g

1.51 mg


3.57 g

165 kcal

85 mg

1.01 g

31.02 g

1.04 mg

Reference #'s 17157;23563;10803;05064
Per 100 grams cooked meat *Skinless, breast only

General Information About Highlanders
  • Highlanders are the oldest registered breed of cattle
  • They don't require much in the way of shelter, feed supplements, or expensive grains to achieve and maintain good condition and fitness
  • Cold weather and snow have little effect on them
  • Highlanders are a disease resistant breed
  • Their long lashes and forelocks shield their eyes from flying insects, and as a result, pinkeye and cancer eye are uncommon
  • Even though they have such long horns and unusual appearance, Highlanders are considered an even-tempered animal - bulls as well as cows

Nutrition Information
  • Highlander meat is lean, flavorful, well marbled and has little outside fat
  • Highlander meat is the British Royal Family beef animal of choice
  • Their family keeps a large herd of Highlanders at Balmoral Castle near Braemar, Scotland









Updated 01/22/06